Rebellious Teenage Squirrels

Many times people attempt to raise a squirrel as a pet only to find that they become too much to handle once they get a little older. Teenage squirrels can be a real handful! There are a lot of opinions out there as to whether or not a squirrel can be kept successfully as a pet. So here is mine, for what it’s worth. It is possible for a squirrel and a human to live together in happiness, but it is rare. See Squirrels as Pets? It’s OK, You are not a bad parent. We have a place for little raskel here at Squirrel Angel.

Teenage Eastern Gray Squirrel
(about 14 weeks old)

Squirrel Halfway House

A pet squirrel doesn’t stand much of a chance if released directly into the wild or into a park. They haven’t learned to find the food and water they need. Pet squirrels have also been over socialized. They do not know to stay away from people or predators. They end up getting into trouble with people and get euthanized or find themselves as easy prey. Our release site is a great halfway point to the wild. It is in the forest away from crowds, but we show up every day to put out food and water. We have scattered squirrel condos through out the area for shelter. Because I am out there everyday, predators are kept at bay as much as is reasonably possible. See Back To The Wild

Squirrel Condo

Outlaw Squirrels

Sometimes a squirrel just finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have found yourself as the warden of a healthy adult squirrel thats gotta find a new home. Our Squirrel Forest has plenty of room for these yay-hoos to live out a long life with out having to find themselves behind bars again.

For the sake of themselves and their future forest mates, captured adult squirrels must be healthy and disease free.

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