There are a lot of opinions out there as to whether or not a squirrel can be kept successfully as a pet. So here is mine, for what it’s worth. It is possible for a squirrel and a human to live together in happiness, but it is rare.

It is rare for a reason:

      It takes a special person. You got to be ready to bleed. Even squirrel love is pretty painful. Play bites can break the skin. Their claws are ridiculously sharp.
      It takes a special situation.  Squirrels need a large cage.  Even with a large cage, squirrels need to be out of the cage for hours every day.
      It takes a special squirrel.  No matter how you raise it every squirrel has a distinct personality.  They have strong instincts and many will “wild up” and become aggressive.  Others will bond only with one person and become aggressive with anyone else who comes around.
      It takes a special diet.  Squirrel must have a balanced diet. Without the right diet squirrel can get debilitating diseases and ailments that are hart braking. This situation is complete avoidable, so do your home work and don’t allow this to happen to your baby.

The worst stories come from people who have got a pet squirrel and find themselves not interacting with the squirrel as they once did. The poor thing ends up spending more and more time in the cage. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition end up causing the squirrel to suffer a heartbreaking and sometime irreversible fate. If you have found yourself in this situation, do the right thin before it is too late. Give a call a Squirrel Angel and let us begin the “soft Release” Process.

I any case if you have adopted a squirrel as a pet only to find that it has become too much to handle. Let Squirrel Angel help you out. Pet Squirrels should not be released directly back into the wild or into neighborhoods. A pet squirrel doesn’t stand much of a chance if released directly into the wild or into a park. They haven’t learned to find the food and water they need. Pet squirrels have also been over socialized. They do not know to stay away from people or predators. They end up getting into trouble with people and get euthanized or find themselves as easy prey. Our release site is a great halfway point to the wild. It is in the forest away from crowds, but we show up every day to put out food and water. We have scattered squirrel condos through out the area for shelter. Because I am out there everyday, predators are kept at bay as much as is reasonably possible. See Back To The Wild

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